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Established in May 1995 as a telecommunication operator, Camintel S.A, a Société Anonyme, can make yesterday’s technology compatible for today’s business needs that tend to increase continuously. It is the first ever joint venture company between INDOSAT (Indonesian Satellite Corporation Tbk.) holding its shares 49% against Government (MPTC) 51% By October, 2005. The joint venture between INDOSAT and MPTC ended up as INDOSAT sold its share to vital Cambodian investor, AZ Communications Co., Ltd. With the expected growth in company its seft and good business condition in this sector , Korean investor—KTC Cable Co., Ltd. comes to replace AZ Communications Co., Ltd. by April 2008 and becomes the crucial business partner with Camintel serving a nationwide coverage with myriad of Telecommunication services such as Fixed Phone—main service, Internet/E-mail, Leased Line, Public Phone, Pre-paid Calling Card and Pre-paid Internet Card and ranked as the first Leading fixed phone provider in all provinces.Now CAMINTEL is a member of BOOYOUNG group.

Our Products & Services


We provide both fixed phone and wireless fixed phone services with clear voice and no disturbance during the conversation and facsimile with reliable quality. The tariffs are devided into 3 Zones based on location. Please click on which location to view its telephone tariff in detail: Rates are divided into different options based on the competition in the real market situation. Please click on the Zone below to view the telephone tariffs:

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Internet Services


GP1 3Mbps $35
GP2 5Mbps $55
GP3 7Mbps $70
GP4 10Mbps $80
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1 Pair 100 USD/Line
Within Zone 150 USD/Month
Across Zone 200 USD/Month
2 Pairs 200 USD/Line
Within Zone 250 USD/Month
Across Zone 300 USD/Month
E1 100 USD/Line
R2 Signaling 1200 USD/Month
C7 Signaling 11500 USD/Month
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