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  Camintel ID
  Fixed Phone
We provide both fixed phone and wireless fixed phone services with clear voice and no disturbance during the conversation and facsimile with reliable quality.
  Internet Services
With this service, you can always keep in touch with all kinds of information you are searching for.
  Leased Line
A permanent telephone connection between two points or more set up by a telecommunications common carrier to connect distant offices.
  Access Card
An easy access to make a call is the convenient way in communication; so
prepaid calling card, Access Card,
  Webkey Card
Offering cheaper price with faster speed in surfing, you are prepared to get these benefits. Card with just denomination $100 now,
  Easy Card
Easy as it says and cheaper as the callers expected is pre-paid calling card, Easy Card, that has no bill,
  Easy Phone Card
Easy Phone Card is the Prepaid calling card used with Camintel's Fixed phone. To use Easy Phone service,