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Internet Services
With this service, you can always keep in touch with information you are searching for. Multiple options has been designed to meet your needs with affordability: ADSL, Post-paid Dial-up, Pre-paid Dial-up, ISDN, WLL.
Staying fast, reliable and unlimited speed has been thoroughly designed to meet bigger demands for both homes and businesses in particular called high speed internet access. more info
Be fit to home users' need with affordable price. Without installation fees you can enjoy surfing the net from your location. more info
Offering cheaper price with faster speed in surfing, you are prepared to get these benefits. Card with just denomination $100 now, you can enjoy surfing internet 125 hours at daytime and double at nightime. more info
When your needs tend to increase and your business goes busier, ISDN is your only choice. With only one telephone line, it does three functions at the same time—telephone, fax and Internet. more info
Wireless Internet access with speed up to 70kbps has been developed for you though you are far away from the cable availability area. more info