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  Camintel ID
(e.g. mail@camintel.com)
Setting Up Internet Connection
with Camintel's Prepaid Internet Cards
Follow these steps for windows XP:

- Double click on Internet Option in Control Panel you will see the internet properties windows
   then click on Connections tab and click on Setup.

- When the New connection Wizard box appears, click on Next then choose Connect to the
and click Next again.
- Choose Set up my connection manually, click on Next then choose Connect using a dial-up
and Next.
- Type the Camintel in the ISP Name box, click on Next then type 023986007 in the phone
   number box (free dial-up for Camintel numbers) then click Next.
- Type in camintel for the user Name and type in camintel for the password text box, click Next,
   make sure check box is checked to create shortcut on desktop, then click Finish.
- Double click the Camintel connection shortcut on desktop, the Connection dialogue box
   appears, click Dial.
and wait to be connected....
The connection speed appears on system tray...
- Open the Internet Explorer and go to <www.camintel.com>.

- Click on Account Pre-paid and click Register for New user

- Create new User name and Password by filling in all required fields. In the code box, type in the
   code scratched on the back of the Camintel Pre-paid Internet Card, then click SIGN UP.

- Exit the Internet Explorer Program and Disconnect the Internet Connection.

- Reconnect the the Internet Connection using your new User Name and Password, If you can
   access the Internet normally, it means that you are successful with Camintel Pre-paid
   Internet Card.

Enjoy !

      Note: The user name camintel and password camintel are available only for surfing the
                     Camintel website.