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Leased Line
A permanent telephone connection between two points or more set up by a telecommunications common carrier to connect distant offices. When businesses expanded, more data and voice will be transferred, exchanged quite often, so security is much forcused.
Leased Line Tariff
1 Pair 100 USD/Line
Monthly Fee
Within Zone
150 USD/Month
Across Zone
200 USD/Month
2 Pairs
200 USD/Line
Monthly Fee
Within Zone
250 USD/Month
Across Zone
300 USD/Month
100 USD/Line
Monthly Fee
R2 Signaling
1200 USD/Month
C7 Signaling
1500 USD/Month
To meet your needs, a private leased line service, leader in banking sector, from Camintel provides you with:
   - A lease of digital private circuit lease with speed from 64kbps to 2Mbps or over as required.
   - A lease of Copper Wire, Fiber optics and Satellite and
   - 24 hours of uninterrupted communication with low price and superior data and voice
  * Rates are subject to change without prior notice.