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  Camintel ID
(e.g. mail@camintel.com)
ISDN Service (Intergrated Service Digital Network)
 When your needs tend to increase and your business goes busier, ISDN is your only choice.   With  only one telephone line, it does three functions at the same time—telephone, fax and   Internet.
 The following visual shows how it works:
  Internet Price List
Speed Monthly Fee Deposit Equipment Free hours Mailbox
128 kbps
US$ 19.5
US$ 30
US$ 160
30 hrs
3 boxes
* Provided ISDN box with 3-month warranty on equipment.
* Additional usage hours will be charged at US$ 0.65 per hour per channel.
* Prices may change at Camintel's discretion without prior notice.
* Prices are exclusive of VAT.
* An ISDN modem is a must.
* An ISDN line is a must.
* A computer with minimum 32 MB RAM and 90 MB hard disk space running on Window 95, 98, Xp   or higher.